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Manufacturing process of LM shaft
Author: admin Time: 2017/3/30 15:11:57
LM shaft is manufactured by the advanced process of fine cold drawing, fine grinding and high precision polishing, conforming to or above relevant national standards and specifications for various technical indices. Furthermore, it has high strength and resistance to wear and corrosion, thus it is widely used in textile, glass, printing, woodworking and sports machinery and equipments, and other machinery industries. With high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good appearance, the chrome plating is not only used as a decorative coating, but more a functional plating. At present, chrome plating is one of the platings most widely used in the electroplating sector.

Its manufacturing process varies with function, structural shape, material, heat treatment and size. The shaft is classified into two categories by structure, namely short hollow shaft and long hollow shaft, the clamping and processing methods of which vary significantly. During rough cylindrical lathing, five pieces can be processed simultaneously to improve efficiency.
Add: NO.26 Xieda Road, Huayuan Village, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
Tel: 0510-83050629 83950165
Fax: 0510-83050596
Contact: Mr Min
Mobile: 18921387058
Website: www.ethanmagoc.com
E-mail: sales@wxlongchen.com
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