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What standards should LM shaft meet?
Author: admin Time: 2017/3/30 15:03:51
LM shaft must keep its high surface hardness (wear resistance), strength and stable dimensional tolerance for use as shaft and inner rail of shaft. LM shaft should meet the following standards for performance:

I. Electroplating: An acceptable plating thickness should be over 0.02mm. Low-priced products may have low plating thickness and lead to spot rusting after long-term use.

II. Straightness: The straightness of LM shaft may affect accuracy of guiding. Generally, manufacturers will perform straightening prior to delivery, but long-diameter products may be bent during transportation or under the action of dead weight.

III. Surface hardness: Surface hardness is generally over HRC58, and evenness of hardening depth and hardness of the whole surface is more important. The test result of positive/negative HRC 2 is acceptable. The hardening depth is 1.5-5mm; medium/low-frequency quenching may lead to excessive depth and negative effect on strength; high-frequency quenching generally result in a shallow depth, and may ensure the balance of hardness and strength.

Conforming to the standards above, LM shaft is widely used for cylinder lever, automatic precision printer, auto cutter, industrial robot and other linear motion systems, and its surface chrome plating has improved its corrosion resistance.
Add: NO.26 Xieda Road, Huayuan Village, Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
Tel: 0510-83050629 83950165
Fax: 0510-83050596
Contact: Mr Min
Mobile: 18921387058
Website: www.ethanmagoc.com
E-mail: sales@wxlongchen.com
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